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Skin and Zen Wellness Spa

Body Treatments

Tanning done in luxury! Using only the highest quality products, we exfoliate and then apply product for a natural looking tan. Your tan should last anywhere from 7-10 days.

60-70 min / $75

An aromatic, deeply detoxifying and relaxing body treatment including a warm herbal body wrap. Good for those suffering for seasonal changes and stress or those who regularly partake in regular sports activities.

70 min / $95
4 Week series: $340

An invigorating body exfoliation using French sea salt combined with Essential oils and aromatic cleansers. Rehydrating of the body follows with a beautiful milky body lotion with the essence of Ginseng.

60 min / $75

If you are tired of the same old scrub, try our gel based gommage for a refreshing body "peel". This granule free body exfoliation results in immediately softened skin, combined with a unique feeling of relaxation. Especially good for highly sensitive or reactive skins.

40 min / $55

Relaxing, moisturizing, and exfoliating body treatment. Especially good for dehydrated, sensitive skin or ideal before or after sun exposure. Your skin will be velvety smooth and the coloring will be even and toned.

70 min / $85

A true boost that both prevents and treats slackening skin, this treatment stimulates the vitality and firmness of contours. Use as part of an intensive treatment for maintenance, after change in weight, after pregnancy, or to combat the passage of time.

60-70 min / $85

Anti-fatigue treatment for tired, heavy legs. Incorporates draining techniques with a pleasantly refreshing rosemary finish.

* May be added to other types of treatments such as facials or massage.
45 min / $55